Customer Testimonials

Fluid Imagery Computing is proud to provide exceptional
IT support to local organizations in Eastern Long Island.

Transitioning from a small-town approach to IT to meeting the demands of a bustling, tourist-oriented town required a significant technology leap, leading us to Fluid Imagery Computing. The immediacy and quality of service, especially from Mike, who has become more than just a service provider but a friend, were pivotal in our choice. Fluid Imagery has become the backbone of our operations, simplifying advanced police technologies and ensuring we’re never left in a bind, regardless of the hour or day. Mike’s expertise and the team’s ability to respond immediately, without the hassle of answering services, have been crucial in supporting both our police department and my wife’s landscaping firm. We hope Fluid Imagery’s unparalleled accessibility and Mike’s personal touch remain constants in our ongoing partnership.

Police Department

After six years with a provider whose responsiveness and communication had dwindled, we turned to Fluid Imagery Computing, drawn by their reputation for quick response times and availability, crucial for our theater and museum’s needs for weekend and evening support. What sealed the deal was speaking with Scott, whose direct and personable approach, along with glowing recommendations, convinced us to make the switch. Transitioning to a cloud-based system on Scott’s advice transformed our operations, offering flexibility and efficiency our previous provider couldn’t match. Scott’s immediate availability and innovative problem-solving have not only improved our workflow, but have also reassured us that we made the right choice. Fluid Imagery Computing’s dedication to thinking outside the box is something we hope never changes, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable and forward-thinking IT support.

Director of Operations
Fine Arts Organization

Since partnering with Fluid Imagery Computing in the early 2000s to modernize our operations with electronic medical records and digital infrastructure, we’ve found their local presence and community involvement invaluable. Scott’s forward-thinking approach has been pivotal, offering not just immediate solutions, but also strategic advice for a longer-term IT plan. Our business has doubled in size, thanks in part to Scott’s expertise and the confidence he instills, allowing us to transition smoothly from paper to digital. What sets Scott and his team apart is their blend of technical skill, community spirit, and the personal touch they bring to each challenge. We hope Fluid Imagery Computing’s commitment to innovation and community support remains unchanged as they continue to be a key factor in our growth and success.

Business Director
Hospice Agency

Before Fluid Imagery Computing came on board, our organization was stuck with outdated technology and no path towards innovation. Their responsiveness and the shared sense of purpose they bring to our collaboration is crucial as we navigate IT decisions. Their team’s ability to quickly resolve issues and their understanding of our goals have made communication effortless and ensures our business operations remain uninterrupted. Transitioning to cloud-based solutions under Scott’s guidance not only enhanced our IT reliability, but also facilitated the seamless integration of new team members. The personal availability and mutual respect shared with Scott are things I deeply value and hope remain a constant in our partnership.

Director of Development
Religious Organization

After having communication and service issues with our previous IT provider, we switched to Fluid Imagery Computing three years ago on a strong recommendation. The decision was driven by our need for exceptional customer service and communication, and Fluid Imagery has exceeded those expectations. They’ve been accessible and accommodating no matter when we need them, truly setting them apart with their genuine niceness and unwavering reliability. Since partnering with them, our business operations have become more efficient and trustworthy, eliminating the constant need to double-check work.

Director of Operations
Landscape Business

Switching to Fluid Imagery Computing was pivotal for our business after our previous IT support failed us. Their unmatched responsiveness and expertise stood out immediately, making our decision easy. Mike, specifically, has been a cornerstone of reliability and knowledge, ensuring our business operations never skip a beat. Since partnering with them, our business has expanded fivefold, a testament to their effective support and seamless onboarding processes. Fluid Imagery Computing is more than a provider; they’re an integral part of our growth and success.

Business Manager
Construction Company

For over two decades, James and the team at Fluid Imagery Computing have been pivotal in our business’s evolution, starting with a computer Scott built just for us. James’s quick responses and deep understanding of our needs have instilled a sense of ease and confidence in our use of technology. Their team’s adaptability have allowed our business to thrive and grow alongside theirs. The consistent, personal support that James provides ensures our IT needs are always met with the same high level of care and expertise. This exceptional service is why we always recommend them, and why those we refer end up just as pleased as we are.

Director of Operations
Carpentry Business

For nearly two decades, Fluid Imagery Computing has been instrumental in our operations, transforming our IT infrastructure into the complex, efficient system it is today. When our previous IT provider moved, leaving us in urgent need of reliable support, Fluid Imagery came highly recommended. Their introduction was a game-changer, especially Mike Ortiz, who has been a rockstar in integrating and managing our diverse and critical technologies, from records to evidence management systems. Their availability and rapid response, often resolving issues within minutes, are unparalleled, making them indispensable to our 24/7 operation. The relationship and trust built with Mike go beyond mere service; it’s a partnership that has profoundly impacted our efficiency and growth. We’re not just clients; we’re a team, looking forward to a future where our access to Fluid Imagery’s expertise continues to drive our success.

Police Department