Expert Residential Solutions for Our Peers in Eastern Long Island

From Wi-Fi woes to computer hiccups, Fluid Imagery Computing provides the responsive, in-home IT residential solutions you need to keep your devices running smoothly and your family connected.

We’ve Got Your Home Tech Covered

Proactive Defense

Hassle-Free Home Tech Setup

Let’s get those new gadgets working like a charm! We’ll handle the setup and connections of consumer-grade equipment, so you can sit back and enjoy your new tech.

Swift Response

Powerful and Reliable Wi-Fi

No more frustrating connection drops or buffering videos. We design, install, and maintain professional Wi-Fi systems so you can enjoy a strong signal everywhere you need it.

Constant Improvement

Expert Computer Help

Computer acting up? Don’t stress! We offer friendly and efficient repairs, either remotely or with a quick visit to our convenient location.

Tailored Protection

Ongoing Tech Partner

We’re not just here for residential IT services. We’re your tech advisors for life! Ask us questions, get recommendations, and let us help you make the most of your home or work technology.

Enjoy a Smoother Home Tech Experience

Reliable Protection 247

Dependable Tech Support

If you have a question or issue about your home technology, give us a call! Our friendly technicians are always ready to solve problems and make your life easier.
Protect Your Assets

Long-Lasting Solutions

Ever feel like throwing your computer out the window? We get it! That’s why we design systems that are reliable and hassle-free, giving you years of worry-free enjoyment.

Protect Your Assets

Friendly, Human Touch

Tech can be confusing and frustrating, but we make it easy! We’ll explain things in plain language, offer patient guidance, and make sure you feel confident using your technology.

Avoid Costly Downtime

Expanded Wi-Fi Coverage

Enjoy a strong, reliable signal in every room of your home. Stream movies, video chat, or browse the web without annoying interruptions.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Computers That Just Work

Technology is meant to simplify your life. We’ll fix those frustrating glitches and get your computer running smoothly in no time.

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We’re Your Ideal Remote Solutions Partner If …


You’re frustrated with tech that never seems to work right.


You’re tired of spotty Wi-Fi and dead zones in your home.


You want to embrace smart home tech but don’t know where to start.


You’re done dealing with popups, viruses, and outdated computers.

Your Home Tech Is in Good Hands With Fluid Imagery Computing

No one wants tech trouble spoiling relaxing (or productive) moments at home! That’s where we come in. We’re Fluid Imagery Computing, your friendly neighborhood IT support team, dedicated to making your home gadgets work seamlessly. With our deep knowledge, up-to-date solutions, and genuine care for our clients, we make home tech easy and worry-free.

We understand that your home and your tech needs are completely unique. That’s why we take the time to listen and craft personalized residential solutions that truly fit your life. Whether it’s setting up that new smart speaker, upgrading your Wi-Fi, or rescuing a computer from a nasty virus, we’re here to help – and we always do it with patience and a smile. Panic-stricken because your internet can’t handle your upcoming Zoom call? No worries! Just like when a client’s Wi-Fi went kaput over a holiday weekend, we’ll swoop in and save the day. Fast, friendly, and reliable – that’s the Fluid Imagery Computing difference. We’re your one-stop shop for a happy tech life at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you fix my computer problems?

We’re all about speed! For many issues, we can offer same-day remote repair, usually within an hour. If you need to drop your computer off, we often have it back to you within 24 hours, as long as we don’t need to order special parts.

My home doesn't have wiring for better Wi-Fi. What are my options?
Don’t worry, wiring isn’t always essential! While running ethernet cable offers the best speeds, we can also explore setting up a mesh network. This system can deliver strong Wi-Fi without the need for extensive new wiring.